8 Best iPhone Widgets for Productivity

iPhone Widgets

You can personalize your iPhone’s home screen not just with background wallpaper. There are built-in and third-party apps that allow you to easily create themes, unique app icons, and widgets. To make your iPhone truly your own, learn how to customize your home screen. What’s more, you can benefit from the phone for productivity widgets. These iPhone Widgets are the best of the best.

#1 Notion

Notion is a must-have widget for your iPhone. It boosts productivity and focus, whether you’re a student or a professional. It’s an all-in-one workspace that streamlines work tasks, docs, projects, to-dos, knowledge base, and more. With Notion, you won’t need any other app to collect or store knowledge. It’s a versatile canvas for brainstorming ideas and organizing your project research. Notion offers 3 types of widgets: one for easy app access, one showing recently visited pages, and one for pinning favorite pages to the home screen.

#2 Streaks

Streaks is an excellent option for your iPhone if you’re trying to make or break a habit. The app’s premise is simple: add a habit you want to cultivate or break, and each day your streak extends as you follow through. It’s like Snapchat, but instead of meaningless streaks, you get to elevate your lifestyle with positive and productive habits on this app. The Streaks widget puts your habit tracker on your home screen. So every time you use your phone, you’ll see your progress right in front of you. For example, let’s say you want to drink more water. Just add the task to the app, and the home screen will track the cups of water you’ve had and how many are left, all displayed as a ring around the task widget.

#3 Pocket

Do you enjoy staying up to date with the latest news, interests, or trends? Install the Pocket widget now. It’s a hub for all the stories, news, articles, and videos that match your interests and hobbies. It gives your brain a mental workout and relaxation between tasks. Take a few minutes out of your day, stretch your legs, and dive into an interesting article. Explore travel, food, wellness, trade market, stocks, pets, and more.

The more apps and widgets you have on your iPhone, the slower it will run. The resources of the system are exhausted, and it becomes noticeable. If the memory runs out, the smartphone will start to lag a lot. The easiest solution is to use the cleanup app. The benefit of app Cleanup is that it removes various data that is of no value to the user. These are all kinds of cached pictures, browser cookies, application cache, duplicates, downloads in instant messengers, and more. If you don’t want to delete personal data, you need a phone cleaner.

#4 Paste

Need a safe place to keep your content? Try Paste, an amazing clipboard manager for your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. It lets you easily paste and retrieve text, photos, links, videos, and files whenever you need them. No more searching through galleries, notes, files, or videos. Speed up your workflow and boost productivity with Paste.

#5 Sticky Widgets

Sticky notes, remember? 1881 Digital made them digital with the Sticky Widgets app. Write any task or reminder, and stick it on your home screen.

#6 Headspace

Headspace is an amazing meditation app. It helps you stay focused throughout the day and wind down at night. The app makes mindfulness practice easy and relaxing. You can make it a habit to meditate consistently. Adding the app widget to your iPhone home screen lets you launch the app quickly. You can manage stress and maintain focus easily. The widget displays various exercises that can improve your lifestyle. Adjust them as you like throughout the day.

iPhone Widgets for Productivity


#7 Paste

Want to keep your copied content safe and easily accessible? Try Paste, a fantastic clipboard manager for your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. You can store anything you need and retrieve it instantly. No more searching through galleries, notes, files, or videos. Speed up your workflow and boost productivity!

#8 OmniFocus 3

OmniFocus 3 is a helpful task management app. It sorts your day and boosts productivity. It has various widgets that you can add to your home screen. These widgets give you quick and easy access to your action items. The most useful widget is the Forecast widget. It provides a complete display of your home screen. It summarizes your present day and upcoming days. With the calendar view, you’re always aware of what’s next. This helps save valuable time. No need to waste seconds wondering “what’s next.” It helps maintain ideal productivity levels.


iPhone widgets can make your life easier and more productive. The ones mentioned in this post are what you need for a focused, productive lifestyle without feeling drained or scattered.

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