Why VPN will not work in BGMI Mobile Game after ban in India?

PUBG will not work with VPN

As you might know, the Indian government has recently banned BGMI Mobile game and it was banned for same reason for which PUBG and 47 chinese app were ban due to security and privacy concerns.

So many clever minds would think of using VPN to breach the ban and to enjoy the gameplay but no matter how much you try it won’t work that because the Indian Government IT sector has prepared a 3-layer Security wall to let this ban or Restriction remain applicable on your smartphone and it is same as PUBG ban in India

Here’s how this BGMI ban will be implemented by the Indian Government after BGMI server ban.

Device-ID Restriction:

The main and important reason that you cannot access BGMI via VPN is that BGMI will be blocked by Smartphone device ID which has no relationship with the IP Address. You can trick the internet via VPN into believing you’re accessing it from another country yet your Device-ID remain the same of the particular country. So if you ever played BGMI before then you are unlikely to get access to the Game after the ban and the only way to success is via rooting your Smartphone.

BGMI Mobile game - Device ID

What is Device-ID? – A Device ID is a string of numbers and letters that identifies every individual smartphone or tablet in the world. It is stored on the mobile device and can be retrieved by any app that is downloaded and installed. Apps typically retrieve the ID for identification when talking to servers.

On Android, the device ID is the GPS ADID (or Google Play Services ID for Android) while in iOS, a device ID is called the ‘Identity For Advertisers’ (IDFA, or IFA for short)

ISP (Internet service provider) Restriction:

The Internet Service Providers like Vodafone Idea, Airtel, Jio, and others will also block the access of BGMI following the order of the Indian Government. This means that apps like BGMI will be blocked at the server-end and users cannot access it via an internet connection provided by Indian companies.

IP address Restriction:

The Last and most common thing for Indian Government to do is blocking the users IP-address from the database which we all know can be tricked after hiding behind Virtual Private Network or VPN

Why using VPN is not a good idea after all in BGMI?

Even if you breached all these Security factors set by the IT sector of the Indian Government then to using VPN is not a great idea after all. The use of VPN in BGMI is against the policy of the Game, it will trick the BGMI server into thinking that you are here for any foul play and it will impose a ban for 10 long years and you’ll lose all the Ranking, UC, Royal Pass, etc.

In-country like Pakistan, Iran, where PUBG has been banned the users tried to get access with VPN and as soon the PUBG server rectified them it immediately banned the account of users using VPN. However, you can still download and play the BGMI APK game in India, but after the server limitation is implemented, access to the game will be difficult.

What you think will the BGMI will ever return in India? Tell us in our comment section

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