Shinzo Abe Gun: The Shotgun that Killed Shinzo Abe, explained

Shinzo Abe gun explained

Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister, was assassinated on Friday morning. The last time a current or former Japanese prime minister was shot was 90 years ago.

The Gun violence is extremely rare in the country, since handgun ownership is highly regulated.

Shinzo was assassinated during a political speech by a 41-year-old former naval officer and professor who was displeased with his politics.

Shooter used a handmade gun, wired with batteries

The shooter of Shinzo Abe on Friday used a gun that he appears to have made himself, according to Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, citing police.

The suspect’s name is Tetsuya Yamagami and is a Nara resident in his 40s. A picture of the gun has gone viral on social media, showing a black gun that looks covered with tape mostly to make it appear as a camera.

Some experts had shared some details on it. According to the Metropolitan Police, after reviewing the photograph, a detective said: “The box-like device is wrapped in black tape and smoke can be seen coming from the hose. It’s definitely not a standard rifle.’

Shinzo Abe Gun - Handmade gun

Redditors quickly pointed out that the firing mechanism is powered by a battery, which ignites the gunpowder (probably for fast ignition). As cables can be seen coming out from the battery to the trigger than attached to the two barrels. The two barrels fitted on a wooden board.

Basically, it’s a pistol, but it is called a shotgun because of the two barrels attached on the top which are made by Plumbing pipes. As per now there is no information on the bullet used in the shotgun.

Shinzo Abe Gun: The Gun Firing Mechanism

Mr. Abe sustained two gunshot wounds to the front of his neck, damage to the heart and a major artery, causing blood loss

– said Hidetada Fukushima, the head of Nara Medical University Hospital via Wall Street Journal

It generally means that the shooter missed the first round which can be seen in this clear video and when Shinzo Abe turned backward instead of ducking to see what happened while facing the shooter, he fired the second round which then proved to be lethal.

It also implies that the gun was designed with Two Trigger to shoot two barrels individually, similar to Two Trigger’s old Shotgun. As there was only a millisecond difference between the two-shot fired and the shooter didn’t have much time to reload the gun again.

Shinzo abe gun explained 1

Further, Police have shared some details on the dimensions of the handmade gun used in the attack. They said it is 40cm long and 20cm in height, but as for its weight the police said “we will not be able to respond because of the possibility of its detonation.” via Guardian.

Japanese Police also discovered several possible explosive devices during a search of his home, and NHK said bomb disposal technicians are preparing to carry out a controlled explosion on the premises.

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