YouTuber Gives Free Android Phones right Outside Apple Store.

free android phone

What would you do if you went to the Apple store with the plan to purchase a new Apple iPhone but instead found a counter outside the store advertising a “Free Android Phone“? Your probably first world be ‘This can’t be serious’ as something like this doesn’t happen every day.

BigDawsTV’s Dawson Gurley went around to the different Apple stores to give away free “Android Phones”. He just has one condition: you must switch from an iPhone to an Android device. Gurley’s Android phone wasn’t even a budget phone. It was a flagship phone like the Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S22.

When asked directly, many individuals first responded with a “no,” but after learning that there is no string attached, many individuals, including employees at Apple stores, have joined the team Android gang. However, soon after that, the security guard at the Apple store and the store’s management called off Dawson Gurley and instructed him to “Pack away things and go away”.

You can watch the whole video below: –

However, Dawson Gurley did not give up easily and made an effort to find people on foot in order to give them free Android phones. Tell us in the comments section below whether you’re on the Android team or the Apple team, and tell us why you support either one.

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