Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Review; feels good on your hand and Wallet

Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch review

Xiaomi really amazed the world with its Amazfit Pace Smartwatch, which packs every essential feature underneath the round dials and wraps it all at $99. Although the watch does not support Android Wear, it doesn’t make you feel that it’s missing something.


Xiaomi Smartwatch Review

Amazfit Pace is the most beautiful smartwatch you can ever buy. It has a more prominent display than any other smartwatch and added functionality that comes with it, along with the beautiful shining Round dark Ceramic bezels that add extra charm to your personality.

At the top-right edge, there is a physical button that acts as a home button to wake up the device. The Straps are pretty comfortable and feel good on your skin. You can wear it on both hands no matter how thin or Fat it is. It also comes with IP 67 Rating for Dust and Water Resistance.


Xiaomi Smartwatch Review

The Amazfit Pace comes with a 1.34-inch, 320 x 300-pixel transflective color LCD Display, aka “Always-on-Display.” It reflects sunlight to boost the readability of the screen. It has a nightlight that can be activated by moving your watch near your face to view the time.

The Display is the most fantastic part of this Smartwatch, which utilizes the sunlight very well and helps save battery, making it perfect for running or any outdoor activities. It is ideal to see everything in good lighting conditions, but I wish I could say the same for the low light state.

The Amazfit Pace Companion App

Xiaomi amazfit app

First of all, you need to link your Smartwatch to the app with the help of a Barcode (which display on the first boot), then it will process your details like age, height, weight, etc. The Amazfit App is quite informative and very well designed. It collected all your data and arranged it in the Graph and Bar for easy understanding.

It also shows you the map and your routes. In my case, the GPS works accurately but make sure that you are in an open area so the GPS can track your footprints easily.

As per the heart rate sensor, it managed to tell the accurate result, but then sometimes it is dipped too much and makes you concerned about your health, but thankfully, I just tightened my watch on the wrist area, and the watch is back in business with the correct heart rate reading.

Along with that, you also get default several watch faces, and with every update, new watch faces are added up. There are 100+ watch faces present on the internet, and you can set up your image as wallpaper too.

What really missing in the app? Is there no social element or Interaction element present on the watch? It would be good if some goals were given or can share things on Social media or Interacts with the new player or users and unlock achievements. It just you all alone and at the end of the day, you get bored.

Notification Squad

Xiaomi amazfit Smartwatch

The Amazfit Smartwatch can show notifications from all apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., including Call alerts and messages, which can be controlled from Amazfit App. You can see every notification in detail clearly just swiping down.

However, you can’t reply as it doesn’t have on-screen keypads, but developers are working on it. We can say in the future the reply though smartwatch will be possible. If you are looking for a Smartwatch for taking Calls, it might disappoint you as it does notify about the incoming calls, but you can’t attend calls through the smartwatch as it doesn’t have a loudspeaker.

Battery Performance

The Brightest Side of this smartwatch, which eventually makes it different from all other smartwatches, is its unbeatable battery life. The 280 mAh non-removable battery that can be charged in 2 hours will get you going for 5 to 7 days quite quickly with Normal usage, and with continuous heart rate and GPS on, it will last up to 24 hours. Check out the full review in the given Video.

Final verdict

Xiaomi Smartwatch Review

Although the Amazfit Smartwatch doesn’t support Android wear, which is the only weakest part of this watch. It performs fairly well in outdoor conditions with all the necessary features. You get the monthly update with new features added to it, and it does have excellent developer support like XDA.

The Amazfit Smartwatch is for the one who wants to live their life fully and are more adventurous towards their life and live on the edge. This Smartwatch makes a perfect companion for enthusiastic Sportspeople with different sports modes, Always on Display, and long battery life. Its GPS capability lets you find your destination quickly. There are plenty of smartwatches present with various features in the market but not a quality like the Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch and at the same time with a Value for money too. The Amazefit Smartwatch is available on Amazon.

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