5 Advantages of Electronic water control valves

electronic water control valves

Control valves like electronic water control valves are commonly used valves for industry and domestic purposes. These valves are used in many different situations. They are often used to control the flow, temperature, and pressure level of a fluid. Valves can be used in three conditions: either they work normally closed or open or either fully or partially open or closed. They work on receiving the control signals from controllers. 

Since these valves are used to control the flow or temperature of liquid these are used in the oil and gas industry. It is also used in the manufacturing industry as well. These valves are also used in homes for water flow control. electronic water control valves are used for the prevention of pipe bursts, reduced leakage of water and reduced risk of water hammers. 

The valves have various advantages some are discussed below:

Automatic Operation 

These types of valves are opened or closed automatically thus controlling the flow of fluid and it is the most beneficial thing about it. There is user interference so users do not have to be careful about it when these valves are employed. 

Easy Installation

Another main advantage of control valves is they are easy to install and many people can install these valves on their own. They do not need to call for assistance from a plumber from the manufacturer which saves the extra cost. Being easy to install valves saves users time and effort. electronic water control valves are easy to install for the prevention of water loss. 

Wastage Reduce

Since control valves are automatic, installation of them reduces the wastage of resources. Whether you are using them in industrial or manufacturing processes or at home they ensure the reduction of resources. It helps in saving water which is a precious resource. Studies have shown 85 per cent of water has been saved due to the application of control valves. When demand is high the valve is opened and gradually reduces as the demand decreases. 

No Clogging 

These valves are so perfectly designed that they do not clog the flow of fluid despite the presence of small particles, deposits and dust. Due to this benefit control valves are used that do not obstruct the flow of fluid. electronic water control valves are used to avoid clogging of fluid. 

Ecologically Friendly:

The need for global demand for business products should be at ecological standards. By using such valves they meet the global ecological standard by reducing the waste of resources such as water. Hence natural resources are preserved. 

Financial benefit

When resources are effectively used the business will experience productivity hence valves add value to business productivity. The operation of the valve is automatic and no manual person is needed. Labour cost decreases. This helps in attaining strategic advantage and increasing financial return. 

Money Saving 

Water is conserved with the use of water flow control valves used in faucets. People can now save money on their water or sewer bills by using these control valves at their homes, offices or factories. 


There are various water control valves in the market but an electronic flow control provides an automated operation of the valve which provides easy installation and less maintenance. These valves are more reliable and financially beneficial.

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