Mastering Teyvat: 5 Essential Tips for Beginners in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s popularity can be attributed to its captivating open-world design, diverse character roster, and engaging gameplay mechanics. The game offers players a rich and visually stunning world to explore, filled with challenging puzzles, quests, and dynamic combat encounters. The wide variety of characters, each with unique abilities and elemental affinities, adds depth and excitement to team-building strategies. Additionally, the game is free-to-play, making it accessible to a vast audience.

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The action RPG Genshin Impact is over three years old, but new players continue to arrive in Teyvat, and the current huge amount of content inside can easily confuse a newbie. Yes, it’s still far from Warframe, but it’s possible to get lost. For this reason, we decided to put together 5 tips for beginners to make starting the adventure a little easier.

Plot is important

The simplest and most obvious advice for a new Genshin Impact player is to move through the story, completing all the quests in a row. Thanks to this, you will get acquainted with the game world, characters, and basic mechanics and receive a fairly large number of primogems (source stones) and other currencies and materials. Also, as part of the main story, the game will give you several 4-star heroes. In general, the main plot is useful, and for some, it is quite likely also interesting. You won’t be able to miss it, so we recommend that you don’t put it off.

Collect source stones

Primogems are actually the most important currency in Genshin Impact, and also the most difficult to obtain. The game is in no hurry to give away tens of thousands a week. That is why we highly recommend not to spend it on replenishing energy or purchasing other currencies. Save up and wait for the desired hero or weapon in a limited banner and only then can you spend all the accumulated primogems. Now we almost always know which heroes will be in the next 2-3 banners, and therefore it will not be difficult to decide which of them to spend currency on. There are a lot of hero lists online (if you want to chase the meta). By the way, you can get some free primogems using promotional codes.

Choose one hero

Trying to upgrade all the available heroes at once in a game without large investments is virtually impossible; the game will put a spoke in your wheels with the help of energy and a banal lack of resources from mobs that take quite a long time to revive. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing one hero who will be your main damage dealer and investing in him. Afterward, you can (and should) invest in support and healers. Of course, no one forbids you to download another one after the first damage, this is just a recommendation. Assembling an effective team will give you quite a lot of benefits when clearing dungeons and other content.

Don’t forget to check your in-game mail

There is no secret meaning here either, just don’t forget to check your email. There can often be nice rewards from various events, apologies from the developers, and many other pleasant gifts that definitely won’t harm you in any way. The mail arrives quite often, and the freebie is nice.

Complete daily quests quite soon after starting the game, daily quests will open for you, which do not take much time, but at the same time give you primogems and other useful rewards. In addition to the rewards, this quartet of daily rotating quests in the chosen region also grants adventure experience, and leveling up your account increases the amount of content available and improves other rewards. Complete advantages, and even in 10-15 minutes a day. We definitely recommend it.

Don’t forget to spend energy (resin)

This is another daily entertainment for every player, which also does not take much time. For energy, you can get hero and weapon experience books, pestilence, artifacts, and resources to improve weapons, characters, and abilities. Also, every expenditure of energy gives you an adventure experience, which raises the level and everything that has already been listed above. The order of spending energy is quite simple – first of all, at the beginning of each week, you need to clear all the weekly bosses, and only then knock out the resources you need at the moment. If you don’t need anything right now, you can stock up for the future, which will definitely make your life a little easier someday.

In conclusion, Genshin Impact’s enduring appeal lies in its captivating open-world design, diverse characters, and engaging gameplay mechanics, drawing in a vast player base with its accessible free-to-play model. For newcomers, following the game’s main plot, collecting primogems wisely, focusing on building a specific hero, and diligently completing daily quests while managing energy expenditure are key strategies. These tips provide an essential guide for both new and experienced players, ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding experience in Teyvat.

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