10 Best Remote for YouTube TV 2023

Best Remote for YouTube TV

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As the popularity of streaming services grows, YouTube TV has emerged as a top option for cord-cutters looking to watch their favourite episodes and movies on demand.

While using a smartphone or computer to navigate the YouTube TV interface is possible, many users prefer the ease and simplicity of a dedicated remote. In this article, we will look at some of the best remote for YouTube TV available to improve your YouTube TV viewing experience.

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1. Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a high-end universal remote with outstanding YouTube TV compatibility. It has a full-color touchscreen, illuminated buttons, and programmed commands, allowing you to smoothly handle your YouTube TV and other home entertainment devices. It is user-friendly design and simple setup make it an excellent pick.

2. SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote

SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote

The SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote Control with Hub & APP is a smart remote with one-touch actions and Alexa voice control compatibility. It can control up to 50 entertainment devices via IR and Bluetooth, making it easy to manage your home entertainment system.

The main selling point is its 2-inch backlit display, which is clear and visible in any light. I understand that it may be a bit pricey for you, which is why you might choose the more reasonable SofaBaton U1.

3. Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon Fire TV Remote

The Amazon Fire TV Remote is an excellent choice if you own an Amazon Fire TV device. It provides quick and easy access to your favourite streaming services via dedicated YouTube TV buttons. The remote also has a built-in microphone for voice commands, so you can easily search for content or control playing. It is a popular choice among YouTube TV viewers due to its compact design and quick navigation.

4. Roku Voice Remote

Roku Voice Remote

The Roku Voice Remote is an excellent YouTube TV companion for individuals who own Roku streaming devices. With its voice control features, you can easily search for shows, change channels, and even execute particular YouTube TV commands. The remote’s simplicity, durability, and wide feature set make it a dependable choice for those looking for a smooth streaming experience.

5. Apple TV Siri Remote

Apple TV Siri Remote

If you’re an Apple fan, the Apple TV Siri Remote is a great way to handle YouTube TV on your Apple TV device. The touchpad interface of the remote allows for smooth and precise navigation, and the built-in Siri feature allows for voice commands for an enhanced hands-free experience. Its elegant design and flawless connectivity with other Apple products make it a popular alternative within the Apple ecosystem for YouTube TV customers.

6. GE Big Button Universal Remote

GE Big Button Universal Remote

You can use the GE Big Button Universal remote if you have a large family and elderly relatives living with you. It simplifies navigation and is especially advantageous for elders, those with visual impairments, and everyone looking for a hassle-free entertainment experience. It is designed with clearly visible huge buttons. It comes with a simple and easy setup for Samsung TVs and auto-scan technology.

7. XRT136 Universal Remote

XRT136 Universal Remote

The XRT136 Universal Remote Control with Hub & APP is a plug-and-play device that replaces your original remote control, offering instant access to major streaming services, a strong and responsive signal up to 12 meters/40 feet, and over 120,000 tested clicks for dependable performance. It includes dedicated one-key access to Vudu, Netflix, Amazon, Xumo Crackle, and iHeartRadio.

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Remote Control App for YouTube

You don’t always need a physical remote to control YouTube TV; there are several free apps available that allow you to download, configure, and start using them for seamless control.

8. Android TV Remote Control App

The Android TV Remote Control software is a useful solution for individuals who prefer to use their cellphones. This app, available for Android and iOS smartphones, allows you to operate YouTube TV from your phone directly on your Android TV or smart TV. It includes a touchpad interface, voice search, and a keyboard for simple text input. The app’s adaptability and familiarity with smartphone navigation make it a practical choice for YouTube TV users.

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9. Universal TV Remote Control

Transform your Android device into a universal remote control for all TV brands, including Smart TV, Samsung, LG, Android TV, Google TV, Roku, Fire TV, Sony, and more, with our app that enables you to control both Smart TVs (via Wi-Fi) and Non-Smart TVs (via IR Blaster) without any difficulty.

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10. Mi Remote controller

It is the most straightforward and uncluttered universal remote for your Android TV. Xiaomi’s Mi Remote is a mobile application that allows you to control multiple electronic devices in your residence remotely. It is an excellent universal remote control allowing you to operate multiple appliances regardless of location, providing a user-friendly and practical experience. It is the best YouTube TV remote control app.

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Bonus: Air Mouse

The Air Mouse is here to revolutionize your TV experience like never before. This remarkable device combines the functionality of a 2.4G wireless keyboard with a multifunctional remote, giving you effortless control over your TV.

WeChip W1 Remote

WeChip W1 Remote

The WeChip remote with a mini wireless keyboard is a plug and play device that uses stable 2.4GHz RF technology for a seamless connection. This 2-in-1 multifunctional remote combines a mini wireless keyboard with a 4-axis gyration motion system, allowing you to enter all characters with just 45 keys. It is compatible with various systems and devices, including Android TV boxes, smart TVs, and projectors. The remote also features an auto sleep and wake up feature, conserving power when not in use.



Unlike traditional remotes, this innovative device allows you to control your TV even if obstacles obstruct the line of sight. It features smart power saving capabilities, ensuring durability by automatically entering hibernation when not in use for an extended period. Furthermore, it guarantees stable data transmission and prevents loss of code from the receiver, providing a reliable and uninterrupted experience. With its six-axis inertial sensing technology, this air mouse remote control supports somatosensory games. Plus, the added backlight buttons make it convenient to use even in low-light conditions.


Choosing the finest remote for YouTube TV can significantly improve your streaming experience by adding convenience, operability, and features. Whether you prefer a universal remote with advanced features or a dedicated remote designed for specific streaming devices, there is an option to meet your preferences.

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