How Smart Home Technology Will Make Your Life So Much Better

Smart Home

The introduction of smart home technology has been a total life-changing for everyone, literally. In the US, there are already 142 million users of voice assistant features and 57 million households having smart home devices. It won’t be long before everyone in the US household starts activating smart home devices. 

And the reason is that smart home technology makes your life convenient as well as offers a sustainable living. This guide will provide you with details on everything you need to know about smart home technology.

Smart Home Technology 

 It consists of a system with interconnected devices via an online network. This system is then automated to perform certain tasks. The purpose of smart home technology is to help your home run smoothly and efficiently by automating connected devices.

To make all of this possible, you need Wi-Fi that provides a reliable and secure connection to all the smart devices around your home. On that account, Xfinity offers advanced security features in their internet service that prevents your devices from any unknown threats. Along with the internet, you can also enjoy home security services. Reach out to Xfinity customer service for more information. 

A secure connection that all your devices are connected to allows you to enjoy its features at your convenience, without having to worry about any danger. 

How Smart Home Technology Makes Life Better 

Check out the following perks you get to enjoy with a smart home:

Smart Home Technology

Energy Efficient

Smart home helps to save energy and make your home more sustainable. 

The smart lighting system uses sensors to detect if someone is in the room or not, and performs accordingly; turns on the lights when you enter the room and turns them off when the room is unoccupied. Also, the smart lighting can be programmed to turn on the lights at their scheduled times: turn them on when it is dark out, and turn them off in the morning.


Smart devices are designed to be intuitive and “smart” without any human intervention. Imagine shades that draw themselves on to keep your room cool for you during certain hours of the day, and come off when it’s cooler outside. Or appliances that just turn on with a simple voice command. Could this be any more convenient?

Home Automation

When we say that your smart home devices are interconnected, we do mean they are connected to each other. So much so that these devices communicate with each other to carry out their functions. That just gives you plenty of time to kick back and relax, while your home automatically adjusts to your pre-set preferences. 


Having anti-theft systems, cameras, sensors, smart locks, etc. can ensure that your house remains safe from any unknown trespasser. You can check all activity around your home through your smartphone. What’s even better is that you can remotely check your smartphone device for any activity too i.e. when you’re away from home.

Being lazy in your bed and someone is at the door? Check on your smartphone and automatically turn on the lock at the tap of the button. 

Cost Effective

The initial investment in installing smart home devices around your home might be costly, but the result you get back from these devices is worth all the costs. 

It can also help you in the long term because smart home devices use energy efficiently so that you can enjoy cheaper electricity bills and increased savings. 

Good Market Value 

Installing smart home functions around your home can also improve its market value, as compared to other homes around the neighborhood with zero to no smart home functionalities. Because of its perks and benefits, many homeowners are willing to pay a lot for a home with smart technology in place. 

How to Create a Smart Home?

If you are wondering how you can get started on designing a smart home, you can follow these steps:

Pick a Smart Home Hub

A smart home hub allows your devices to communicate with each other, and also with you. 

Go for a smart home hub that has a speaker so that you can use voice activation to perform tasks, such as turning on the TV or setting reminders for appointments. 

Some smart home hub also includes a display that shows the status of all your smart devices, or live feed from security cameras. 

Install Smart Plugs

These plugs are the easiest ways to get started on smart home technology, and also the first step for many homeowners. 

Smart plugs are Wi-Fi-enabled adapters that connect to a plugged-in device and convert them into a smart device. For example, if you connect your traditional bedside lamp to the smart plug, your smart home hub, which is connected to the smart plug, will be able to send a command to turn on the lamp. 

Hence, if you are not up for installing totally new outlets, you can use smart plugs to manage your smart devices.

Add Smart Devices

Whether you are upgrading all your appliances to smart devices or just selecting a few of them, you need to decide on building a network. 

Start with a smart thermostat or smart light bulbs, since they can help you to start saving on your monthly bills. After that, you can add more smart devices to your home, depending on your savings. 

Get a Secure Wi-Fi

It’s important to reiterate that since all your smart devices will be connected to one network, make sure that the same network line is secure. 

You need to have a Dual-Band Wi-Fi connection power of 5GHz or the newer 6GHz. You also need to place the router in a centralized spot in your home so that the smart devices are in the Wi-Fi range. Also, make sure that the router and its software are constantly updated.

Got all these figured out? You’re ready to experience the magic of a smart home!

Final Thoughts: Smart Home = Smart Investment 

Having smart home technology in your home means you are sticking to the forefront of technological advancement. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and safe as well as convenient in terms of lifestyle. What’s even better is that with smart home technology, you can save up on so much, especially your electricity bills!

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