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After 2019, Google Drive and Google Photos cannot sync photos and videos between each other but still share 15 GB of free storage space. The media files uploaded to Google Drive will not automatically show up in your Google Photos anymore.

Why Move Pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos?

Google Photos is a great service to store all your media files like photos and videos in the cloud. It is an online service that can be accessed from anywhere and can largely save local storage. You may want to move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos because if you only need to back up pictures or other media files on the cloud, Google Photos can provide more helpful features than Google Drive.

Google Drive is an online cloud storage and file-sharing platform that organizes files in different folders. You are allowed to upload all kinds of files like documents, pictures, videos, and others to Google Drive. On the contrary, Google Photos provides galleries to organize pictures and videos. Pictures can be placed and edited in albums, and it is more convenient than Google Drive to search for pictures.

As you can see, Google Photos are limited to media files but supports many unique photo viewing and editing features. So, Google Photos is the best of the two for storing pictures. If you have pictures and videos stored in Google Drive, you can follow the guide below to use the best and easiest way to transfer pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos. Besides, this method can also help you copy from one Google Drive to another seamlessly with a single click.

How to Move Pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos

Please forget about the traditional cloud migration way like downloading and uploading, you can use a third-party cloud file manager called MultCloud to migrate pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos time-savingly. MultCloud can integrate multiple cloud storage services with one secure web interface for cloud file management and cloud-to-cloud transfer. MultCloud has no local storage so you can transfer files directly from one cloud to another without downloading, uploading, or installing anything.


As one of the best cloud-to-cloud backup and transfer services, MultCloud supports more than thirty leading cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Workspace, Google Photos, SharePoint Online, Amazon S3, FTP, NAS, WebDAV, etc. You can add all your clouds to MultCloud and then access all your clouds with one login. What’s more, the Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Team Transfer features are all great for you to transfer, sync, or back up between clouds by clicking one button.

Move Google Drive Pictures to Google Photos by Cloud Transfer

Here you can use the Cloud Transfer feature to quickly move photos and videos from Google Drive to Google Photos through the following easy steps.

Step 1. Get an account on the MultCloud website. The Facebook/Google account is also supported to sign in.

Step 2. Add your Google Drive and Google Photos accounts to MultCloud by clicking “Add Cloud”. There’s no limit on the number of added clouds and your clouds will be safely protected by the OAuth authorization system.

Google Drive to Google Photos

Step 3. Open the Cloud Transfer feature to create your Google Drive to Google Photos photo transfer task. You can select pictures and videos in Google Drive as the source (left) and select an album in Google Photos as the destination (right).

Step 4. Click “Transfer Now” to let MultCloud start transferring pictures and videos from Google Drive to Google Photos at once.

image 3

More about Cloud Transfer

There are some additional features that can make your Cloud Transfer task more efficient. In the “Options”, you can choose some settings to customize your Cloud Transfer task. And the “Email” can send an email to inform you when the task is completed.

Cloud Transfer

In the “Schedule”, there are daily, weekly, and monthly schedule plans for you to choose. MultCloud will automatically perform tasks offline according to the schedule you choose.



From the above instructions we can find that, using MultCloud to move your pictures from Google Drive to Google Photos can largely save your time and energy without any risk of data loss. Besides, under the circumstances that Google Photos and Google Drive cannot sync to each other automatically, you can use the Cloud Sync function of MultCloud to sync Google Drive and Google Photos with 10 excellent sync modes in one-way, two-way, or real-time.


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