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How to Download BGMI APK in Few Simple Steps

Download BGMI APK

Indian Government once again banned PUBG game in India know as Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). Krafton Inc has officially launched this game specially for Indian region, after the ban of the original PUBG game in India.

The PUBG Indian version known as “Battlegrounds Mobile India” has the same feature as the PUBG but comes without International match making server, it means you will only get Indian server to play. The social media handles which used to represent PUBG Mobile India were changed to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton launched a new website Battlegrounds Mobile India where you can download BGMI APK file beside officials app stores. The social media handles which used to represent PUBG Mobile India were renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India and in the YouTube channel, all videos were completely removed with a Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser video.

Why BGMI banned in India?

Krafton does assured that user privacy and data protection is their top priority while launching the BGMI game in India. All the data collection and storage will be done in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India.

Krafton Inc. has collaborated with Microsoft Azure to host all of its portfolios, including Battleground mobile India.

According to a senior government official as per media report, it has been discovered that the BGMI app communicates with servers that are either directly or indirectly situated in China. The investigation also revealed that this application has malicious code and obtains a number of crucial permissions that might be exploited to compromise user data for purposes including location monitoring, camera and microphone surveillance, and illicit network activity.

Download Battleground Mobile India 2.1.0 APK and OBB

Download BGMI APK 2.1.0

PUBG Battleground Mobile India BGMI version has been taken down from the Google Play store and App Store and right now is not available for download. Krafton has released their statement:

“At KRAFTON, the security and privacy of our user data are of utmost importance to us. We have always been compliant with all the laws and regulations in India, including data protection laws and regulations, and will continue abiding by them.”

In this regards, Google has also officially released their statement on removing the game from the Play Store.

“On receipt of the order, following the established process, we have notified the affected developer and have blocked access to the app that remained available on Play Store in India,”

The BGMI server is still running, though, and the game still playable for now. You can download BGMI APK file (557 MB) from below and install on your smartphone, then it will download the OBB file (932 MB) automatically and you can start playing the game.

Download Button

BGMI is not officially banned in India

Yes, there is some hope for BGMI users. Although the official ruling banning BGMI from India is still pending, Meity has already started the process by requesting that the involved firms remove the game from app marketplaces like Google Play.

The Indian government will undertake discussions with Krafton on important matters, which is why Krafton is continuing to ensure BGMI gamers in India that they will continue to play. In its official statement, Krafton said,

“We kindly request you to wait to hear from us. We will keep you informed about further updates. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships and collectively fostering the gaming ecosystem in India.”

Difference between PUBG Mobile Global and Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)?

PUBG Mobile Global and Battleground Mobile India

Battleground mobile India is the rebadged version of the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game. The game was originally launched in 2017 for the world. PUBG game also has localized versions or counterparts of the game which were made for regions like China, Korea, and Japan. Now Battleground Mobile India can be considered as one of the counterparts with slight changes than the original global version. 

BGMI released with exclusive in-game events like outfits and features and have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues.

  • In PUBG Mobile, users are notified when a player is killed. BGMI avoids the word “Killed.” Instead, “Finished” is displayed.
  • However, because the phrases are different, PUBG Mobile players see K/D while BGMI players see F/D.
  • BGMI, as they have a choice of a shade of yellow and two tones of green. While PUBG has a reddish tone that mimics the blood that is dripping from enemies.
  • Your Matching will be Done with Indian Players only
  • You will not be able to switch the server.

New BGMI 2.1.0 Update Features

  • Recall Tower not present as before.
  • This update introduces the Lamborghini Car.
  • updated gun skins
  • Characters.
  • Glacier Out Fit, new clothing, and more.
  • New competition for Indian athletes.
  • Registration is free.
  • Fantastic graphics.
  • The BGMI new upgrade also offers a shield of safety.


Who is the publisher of Battleground Mobile India?

Battleground Mobile India is fully developed and controlled by the PUBG South Korean Creators “Krafton Inc.” Earlier, the publishing rights were handled by Tencent but since the ban, Krafton Inc. cut off their ties with the Chinese Cooperation for the region and assumed full control over game development, publishing and launch in India.

Can you still play BGMI Game after the ban in India?

Yes, you may still play the BGMI game on your smartphone despite the ban in India. However, it might only last till Krafton disconnects his BGMI Indian server.

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