How Watching Television affects us Positively and Negatively

How Watching Television affects us Positively and Negatively

We have been told the side-effects of watching TV for countless hours; especially when someone tries to binge-watch, kids watching too much TV, or just the general health issues. If you have a cable TV provider like Spectrum TV, you sure have plenty of content, so you got to be smart with it first.  The reason is that you will be getting a huge channel lineup even if you are Spanish speaker. For details, check full channel list at mi plan latino lista de canales

In this article, we will try to find the benefits as well as the potential disadvantages of watching TV can cause. We will enlist a few interesting pros of watching TV, along with some cons for better comparison.

Some of us cannot go without watching TV at all and find this an amazing way to bond their loved ones. For kids, predefined watch time of TV should be allotted so they can learn and get entertained instead of keeping them in a bubble of a limited world. Here is a list of some of the things that could benefit us by watching TV. We will also discuss some of the negative sides of watching television. So stay tuned and let’s get started.  

Improve our Brainpower

Watching complex story-lines TV shows, for example, Sherlock, True Detectives, documentaries and reports – any content that requires detailed attention, allows us to analyze, comprehend the anatomy.

It’s been proven through the researches over and again that watching smart stories enhances our thinking abilities. It makes us mentally stronger because our brains assume that we underwent the same experience. Same is the case with mysteries and games which leave us thinking with or without connecting with the documented events.

New People New World

Before mass media, reading books was considered an actual medium giving people exposure. Exposure is vital for our growth, the types of exposure, however, differ from the eye to ear exposure to actually experiencing something yourself followed by a long list to educate ourselves by learning something new.

Reading books, let us experience someone else’s experiences where we get to learn new cultures, practices, behaviors and empathize with someone. TV, on the contrary, shows us visual detailing, more than one can imagine when reading the same content.

Something to Talk About

For avoiding social awkwardness or to stir debate at your workplace or participating in any group of people, T.V shows something in trend or introduces the latest talk of the town. Someone with a shy or introvert personality can find TV a good source to break the ice in socially awkward situations or some information on any common topic and not only to make them a conversation starter.


Having a rough day, TV usually helps people cheer their mood up, a source of entertainment for a reason. The TV is typically kept on in the background while you do your usual chores. Even though the focus is not on TV; though good humor can always bring a smile. We have seen that taking place on several occasions and some public places. Watching a comedy show with family or friends sure bring good laughter and laughing strengthens our bond.

Learn New Things

There are a couple of informative and interesting channels including HGTV and Food Network to learn new things and aspects of things. Watching infomercials and creative ads in your lounge can get you an idea about several new things. There is numerous content about How-To and DIY [Do It Yourself] on TV which brings another level of convenience in our lives by making us learn hacks.

Educational TV

How about watching TV having the ability to make dry historic analysis, knowledge about wildlife, solar systems, social issues, historical timelines, and cultures interesting. TV channels which include National Geographic, Discovery, History TV to mention a few are making a good part of educational and historical information interesting bring along an anticipation factor.

We have gone through benefits and now let’s get into some negative side of watching TV:

  • Just like any other thing, the excess is not healthy, watching too much TV can harm health. Researches have shown a correlation between obesity and watching TV. Excessive behavior starts when you watch TV for more than 3 hours a day – it can also lead to abnormal sleeping patterns, behavioral issues, lack of concentration at work or studies, and multiple other health-related issues.
  • Watching TV in excess makes people antisocial as it becomes a substitute for friends and family before you even realize that you are skipping social gatherings to spend time more time with TV.
  • Learning new things and enriching several departments of knowledge is fine as long as it does not replace the real-life interactions or overshadow other healthy activities like reading, outdoor amusements, physical activities, restricts the process of imagination, avoiding chores, exploring music, news or experimenting art, etc.
  • The news which is supposedly the information side is also biased and does not report anything that bypasses their agenda.
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