Xiaomi files car-to-car charging patent that can also power home appliances

Xiaomi car-to-car charging patent

The Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, is gearing to launch its newest product – an electric car. The company has not released many details about the car yet, but it is clear that this is a major step forward for the company. Xiaomi has been slowly but surely building a reputation as a go-to brand for innovative technology and cutting-edge products. The electric car is only the latest example of this trend.

Xiaomi has invested $2 billion in a new electric car company founded by Nio Electronics. The tech company will potentially produce vehicles in China and also sell zero-emission cars in India, the U.S., and Europe.

Recently, Xiaomi signed a deal with BYD’s subsidiary company “Fudi Battery,” for its lithium-ion battery. Now Xiaomi has filed a patent for car-to-car charging.

According to tianyancha (APP), on June 21, the patent for “vehicle to vehicle charging circuit, charging harness, charging system and electric vehicle” of Xiaomi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was published.

The patent diagram shows that both ends of the adapter cable are equipped with charging guns, and inserting two cars can transfer the power of one of the cars to the other.

car-to-car charging patent

Xiaomi EV will be equipped with External discharge

VtoV and VtoL are the two main types of external discharge. Among these, the VtoV (Vehicle to Vehicle) mode—literally “vehicle to vehicle charging”—means that the power from your automobile can be reversed into other vehicles to restore the power of those that are running low on power.

The other VtoL (Vehicle to Load) is the external power supply mode; that is, you can directly turn the electrical energy in the car into alternating current and output outward, directly charging electrical equipment such as home appliances like induction cookers, Halogen lights, and mobile phones.

The vehicle-to-vehicle charging circuit includes a controller, a power supply circuit and a voltage detection circuit.

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