How to Download and Install iOS 16 beta on your iPhone

how to download ios 16 beta

iOS 16 is a major update for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s now available to download for free on your device. This update brings new features, including a redesigned App Store, new augmented reality tools, and more. If you’re already enrolled in the beta testing program, you can download and install iOS 16 beta on your device right now. 

If you’re a registered developer with Apple, then the iOS 16 developer beta is now available to download for you on your iPhone or iPad. This beta includes new features for developers, including a new tool for debugging apps and an updated simulator. Developers can also use the beta to test new features and provide feedback

Signing up as an iOS developer doesn’t just need to mean obtaining Apple credentials. You must also pay for the privilege. Developer registration costs $100 per year, but some people consider that a worthwhile investment if it means access to Apple software betas.

Download and Install iOS 16 beta

The “beta” edition of iOS 16 is a beta version for a reason; it’s not final, so there could be bugs and other issues. Developers are focused on finding and fixing those prior to the full version rolling out to the masses. Because of this, we highly recommend that you backup your iPhone before downloading the iOS 16 beta. You could even lose all your data.

How to download and install the iOS 16 developer beta

1. Go to in a new tab) in your browser of choice.

2. Sign in to your developer account. Follow the on-screen instruction and agree to the terms of the Apple Beta Software Program.

3. Click on the menu in the upper left corner, and select Downloads.

4. Scroll down to find the iOS 16 beta, and click Install Profile. When prompted, confirm that you want to install a configuration profile on your phone.

Download iOS 16 beta
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5. Once the iOS 16 profile is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to go to Settings to review it. Launch Settings and select View Profile.

6. On the subsequent page, tap Install in the upper right corner to begin the installation process. After some legalese about the volatile nature of beta software, you’ll need to tap to Install once more.

7. You’ll be prompted to restart your iPhone so that the profile can install. Make sure your iPhone has enough power juice. 

8. After your iPhone restarts, jump into the Settings app, and select General, followed by Software Update.

9. Download and install the iOS 16 beta if you haven’t already. Enter your passcode during the prompt, then tap Install. Tap Install once again to confirm.

iOS 16 will then begin installing. After a restart, your phone will be running the iOS 16 developer beta.

Older iPhone models, such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, will not be allowed to download iOS 16 (or beta version). If it meets this criterion, you will not be able to use the new functions. You can also use split screen on iPhone here’s how.

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