When is GTA 6 coming out 2022; Release Date, Rumors

GTA 6 release date

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most eagerly anticipated games in development right now. The long-awaited sequel to Grand Theft Auto V has been talked about for years, and the rumors never stop. Rockstar Games has been silent on any information about the GTA 6 game.

“Grand Theft Auto 6” was indirectly announced to be in active development in 2022 on February 4th. As per the latest sources, KRYPTO9095, a musician and YouTuber, posted on Twitter that “GTA 6 is coming #GTA6” with a gif of the artist holding a Rockstar sticker.

GTA VI fans speculated that he could be acting or producing music for the game. This suspicion was strengthened by the discovery that the official Rockstar Twitter account followed KRYPTO9095 on Twitter.

GTA 6 is not releasing in 2022, but GTA 6 Trailer will be out soon.


It’s true that the pandemic halted progress in the gaming industry and might also have affected the GTA 6 game’s development. However, pandemic is the reason many new game have been discovered like Wordle.

It has been seen that Rockstar games were never released in the same year they were announced and revealed. In fact, several major members of the GTA community believe Rockstar Games will stick to their original schedule, predicting a release between 2023 and 2024, with 2024 being the most likely year of release.

When is the GTA 6 trailer coming out? But there’s no need to be disappointed, as El Nitro 56 recently announced on Twitter that a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will be released shortly, according to Game Rant. So, if not the GTA 6 game, you can definitely get a first look at it this year. GTA 6 could be the first female lead game developed by Rockstar game and its also rumored to be voiced by Latin American actress Eva Mendes.

GTA 5 popularity pushing GTA 6 release date

gta 5 popularity

Yes, you read that correctly. “Grand Theft Auto 5” is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful products in the entertainment industry, not just in gaming.

Since its debut in 2013, Rockstar Games has sold 160 million copies, with “Grand Theft Auto 5” selling more sales in 2020 than it has in any previous year since its release in 2013. It had total worldwide revenue of $6 billion as of April 2018.

It’s understandable when a game continues to sell at such a high rate, and it’s reasonable that the publisher would not want to stop selling it. Rockstar is likely to capitalize on the game’s sales while it is still active, pushing it alongside the “Grand Theft Auto Online” component of the game. Furthermore, both the publisher and the creators are likely to want to utilize the funds to help grow “Grand Theft Auto 6” once it is released.

Hoax on Grand Theft Auto 6 launch in 2019


It came as a Shock when people read about a message from Rockstar that showed that GTA 6 is coming out in 2019. It wasn’t just one message – it was lots. They seemed to be popping up in the game everywhere with the same message “GTA VI Coming 2019 –”

Although it made GTA Fans pretty exciting for the new upcoming GTA 6 game when some of them reached out to Rockstar Game on Twitter about the pop-up message, sadly, we get to discover the reality that it was nothing but a great big hoax.

Rockstar Support commented on a Tweet enquiring about the announcement, saying: “This is a hoax made with the use of mods and not an official message or statement from Rockstar Games.”


In reality, Grand Theft Auto 6 will not be coming out next year, and all of this fuss comes from some evil mind playing with our emotions. Well, that isn’t very pleasant. Thankfully the game isn’t

Rockstar Game is giving a significant overhaul to the Night Clubs. You can dance away alongside your online friends by listening to four real-life musicians – Artists Solomun, The Black Madonna, and Dixon. Check out the Nightclub Teaser Trailer Here.

Rockstar says: “the nightlife scene in Los Santos is getting a major upgrade”. You’ll be able to set it up, design the interior, and even control staffing.

Well, the main reason for the significant delay in the release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” is that it is most likely not ready yet. Not only has Rockstar focused on “Grand Theft Auto 5,” but also on the “Grand Theft Auto Online” component of the game. As a result, Rockstar will likely focus on making GTA 6 one of the best “Grand Theft Auto” games yet. As a result, gamers will have to wait for GTA 6 to be released.

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