A Chinese Air Purifier company that claims it can kill Coronavirus was fined 1,00,000 yuan

China Air Purifier

Nanjing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, a Chinese corporation with 49 subsidiaries, one of which is Chinese Air Purifier, had previously advertised on the company’s WeChat public account that the air purifiers it sold could efficiently eliminate the new Coronavirus.

Following that, an inquiry was launched to verify the claims made in the commercial. According to the investigating law officers, the department was unable to produce legal and valid certification materials, which was a violation of the advertising law.

As a result, the supervisory bureau ordered the department to stop publishing deceptive advertisements, reduce the impact to within a reasonable range, and fined the organization 100,000 yuan ($1600).

Chinese Air Purifier

The advertisement claims to eliminate the influenza A virus H1N1 and boasts a 99.5 percent inhibition rate. Adequate protection, with an aerosol retention rate of > 99.97% and a new coronavirus inhibition rate of > 99.9% within 5 minutes, which can efficiently destroy the new coronavirus” and other particles.

However, the company cannot produce legal and effective certification regarding claims and asked to stop publishing false advertisements and impose an administrative penalty of 100,000 yuan.


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