Getting Started In Online Sports Betting

Sports Betting

You can hardly go anywhere nowadays without seeing some type of information or advertisement for online sports betting. You might be perusing through social media and a video ad pops up for a betting website. Or you are looking through the weekly NFL stats and the banner at the top of the page is offering a promotion to join a sports betting platform. Maybe it’s finally the right time to jump in.

But where to start…

Use this quick guide to help you get started and understand a few of the basics when it comes to sports betting. Don’t let a little uncertainty get in the way of a fun opportunity to take your sports entertainment to a whole new level.

Finding a Platform

The first thing you have to do when getting started is to find a sports betting platform that you feel comfortable with and that has all of the features you might be looking for. Look around their websites or apps as much as you can to see what features they have and how user-friendly that platform is. 

Most platforms have great tutorials on how to use their platform and give basic guides to betting. Be sure to check these out too.


Many platforms will give out sign-up promotions when joining. So if you are on the fence or trying to decide which platform to choose, the promotion could be the finishing touch that puts you over the edge on one. These promotions come in various forms, but some are better than others.

Most of the promotions fall into one of two categories. One category is deposit matching and the other is risk-free betting options. These options can have different perks to the person signing up depending on how much of a bankroll you decide to start with.

Deposit match promotions are based on how much you first deposit when signing up. Many will match 100% of your first deposit up to a certain amount. This is basically free money that you get to bet with.

Risk-free betting promotions give new users the freedom to usually place a one-time bet of a certain amount or up to a certain amount risk-free. Win the bet and keep the winnings. Lose the bet and the amount that you originally bet will be returned to you in the form of site credit, a free bet, or bonus cash. The downside is that these usually cannot be withdrawn from the platform.

So take into account how much bankroll you will be depositing. If you are starting off small and don’t plan on making large, risky bets, a matching promotion might be a better option instead of a risk-free promotion.

Sign Up and Deposit

Once you have decided on the platform to join and what promotion to take advantage of, it is time to sign up and deposit your money. Enter in your identifying information, which is probably the easiest part of the whole thing. Next, decide how much money you will be depositing to start your bankroll.

Once you have signed up and deposited your money, it’s now time to start actively betting. But make sure that you have a very good idea of how betting on different sports operates. Use the guides offered and do your research.

Making Basic Bets

If you want to get started right away, there are two easy bets that you could make on almost any sport imaginable. Those two bets are the Moneyline bet or the Spread bet. These bets are pretty basic and can get your money working for you quickly.

The Win Bet is the easiest and most straightforward. Simply choose a winner and place a wager. Be sure to pay attention to the odds on who the favorites are and how much money you stand to win on your bet. Tutorials are a great place to learn exactly how the odds work for each site.

On a Spread Bet, you pick a winner of the game, but the oddsmakers place a point spread on the game. So the favorite has to win the game by a certain margin and the underdog has to win or lose by less than that point spread. Again, be sure to do your research in the tutorial guides.

So get out there, do your research, sign up with a platform, fund your bankroll, and start placing bets and learning as you go through the process. Happy betting!

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