A Collection of the Coolest Xiaomi Products To Own

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Xiaomi started as a Mobile phone manufacturing company and is now one of the largest electronic companies in the world. This is partly due to their expanding range of cool and high-tech products on the market.

This year Xiaomi has released even more desirable products that we will break down in this article. Besides, Xiaomi products are highly innovative, but they are also affordable, making them worthwhile. So, keep reading to find out more about these awesome products.

Coolest Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Smartwatches

The Xiaomi smartwatch has a wide array of straps to choose from but this is only scratching the surface of the quality of the product. Wait until you see 110 different personalized watch faces to choose from. You can also benefit from the decent battery life and the vast amount of health apps you can use to keep track of your calorie intake and output.

Moreover, you can say goodbye to missed deadlines as you can set alarms, reminders, and tasks on the smartwatch. This is ideal for those working who have a bunch of things to do throughout the day and would like a device to aid you in remembering or breaking down your chores.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steamer Oven

Not only is this the latest crowdfunded project, be prepared to be amazed at the speed this oven cooks. It boasts 1200W of high-powered evaporator that can generate a streamlined amount of steam to cook your food thoroughly and with a record timing.

This is suitable for those who want to toss pre-marinated proteins or vegetables into the oven without much hassle. Besides, after a long day, who wants to stand beside the stove waiting for your meal to cook? So, when you have convenience such as this in a product- you might as well grab it. P.S. it also bakes cookies, cakes, and all kinds of goods, need I say more?

Xiaomi BUD Juicer

This product is making news all over the world. Can we honestly say we are surprised given the qualities that this product? Short answer, no. This is not your regular everyday Joe- this is a juicer like no other.

If you are sick of having juicers that do not separate the pomace, then look no more because Xiaomi BUD Juicer does it with an unprecedented level of precision. Be prepared to get 100% fruit juice. Not only does it have an excellent design that will leave your kitchen aesthetics, but you can also cut the fruit in the blender. It has a 78mm diameter opening, which is ideal to fit a fruit or two in.

Xiaomi Bedside LED Lamp 2

Looking for something for your bedside to cosy up to at night? Need a cool light to read your favourite book while sipping on some tea? Then this product is for you. Not only does this lamp provide you with a myriad of colours, but you can even sync it to your gaming system. It also has a sleep assist feature, which can help you with your sleeping patterns. Moreover, you can wake up to it with its sunlight like brightness.

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Xiaomi Smartphone

Are you looking for something versatile, highly functional and affordable at the same time? Then look no further because the Xiaomi smartphone is the tech for you. The phone has a great battery life, frequent O.S. updates and a slick design. The best part about Xiaomi O.S. updates is that it takes time to improve apps even if the updates are 24 months or older, making them stand out compared to other brands.

Mijia Pen

You may be wondering, what is so great about a pen? Yes, greatness comes even in the most unpredictable things, and Xiaomi pens are no exception. It has a 120-degree rotational tungsten tip, which is super easy to grip and write all your college notes down.

This is great for those who want their personalized handwriting while keeping track of their notes in one simple place- on a Xiaomi tablet. Also, if you are a medical student, you can easily use the pen to draw diagrams and tables to help you remember all those Latin terms during crunch hour!

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

These are for the partygoers, the ones who walk home at midnight with their friends and those who spend their weekends on beaches. This speaker will boost your vibe and Spotify playlist like never before. Be prepared to enjoy the sound quality on the go or in your bedroom dancing by yourself.

You can sync it with any gadget easily. Also, if you are a gamer and want to enjoy some music on the side while gaming, then the product is for you too. On a side note, if you are looking to install some games on the Xiaomi browser and want to know how- read here.

There you have it, folks, a run-down on all the latest and coolest Xiaomi products that you need to get your hands on this year. Remember, apart from all the high-tech functions that Xiaomi offers, it is highly affordable. Therefore, if you are a student on a budget but want high-end functionality, you can trust Xiaomi to deliver this manifesto.

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