What is Indian X visa? Step to get an X visa for India

Indian X Visa

India is a land rich in culture, history, and natural splendour. It isn’t easy to figure out where to start the journey in India because there are so many incredible places to see. India was recently ranked 35th out of 140 nations in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019. India ranked up to the six places from the previous year’s survey.

After the Covid-19 storm, India Tourism is back on track, with millions of tourists and regular visitors flooding the country’s borders once more. They may come for a variety of reasons, including schooling, job, or reconnecting with a long-lost friend.         

What is an Indian X Visa?

Indian X visa is granted to a foreigner of Indian origin, their spouse of Indian origin, children and dependent family members for other categories for which any other visa category does not cover purpose. An Entry Indian – X Visa can be given to: 

1 Former Indian national;

2 Spouses of persons of Indian origin;

3 Dependent children of the person of Indian origin;

4 Spouse of the person holding OCI or PIO card;

5 Dependent children of the person holding OCI or PIO card.

Documents Required For an Indian X Visa Extension

Indian X Visa

You need to meet the FRRO/FRO office department with the following documents:

1 Fill out the online application form with the applicant’s signature – (

2 A Recent Passport size photos

3 Original passports, photocopies of current and previous passports, and a valid country resident visa.

4 Documentary evidence for Entry Visa.

5 A copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of the Indian passport, and an indemnity bond.

6 A copy of your birth certificate, as well as a copy of one of your parents’ Indian passports.

7 Covid 19 vaccination certification (optional)

What is India X visa fees?

You will receive an email from FRRO with instructions on making the payment after all the documents and police verification have been completed. The visa fees vary; however, the India X visa expenses are roughly $120 (Rs 9,000) for a spouse visa. Here’s full procedure to get Spouse Visa in FRRO India.

How long is India X visa valid?

The validity of India X-Visas is 1 year from the date of electronic approval. In the meantime, holders of business and tourist e-Visas can visit India several times, with stays of up to 90 days for tourists and up to 180 days for business.

You can apply for an Indian X Visa without leaving the country as long as the extensions are granted. Let us know whether you received an Indian X Visa in the comments.

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