How are modern smartphones run such advanced games despite their small size?

modern smartphone

Over history, there have been many great inventions that have changed how we live. In recent times, one of the most astounding has been the smartphone. Popular examples such as Apple’s range of iPhones or the Galaxy range from Samsung show just how fabulous these miracles of modern technology are.

Smartphones are so impressive because the standard mobile phone (which was itself a real breakthrough) was paired with the other tremendous tech advance of recent times, the internet. By enabling mobile phones to connect to the internet, it made them not only more usable but also capable of performing a lot more tasks.

Gaming on smartphones is big news

While modern phones enable you to surf the net, check social media, email, video call, take photos, download apps, make calls and texts (among other things!), it is playing games that is perhaps most popular.

Online casino games are a case in point, and people from all over the world use their smartphones to play at the latest and best iGaming platforms now. If you like to play the greatest online slots India has to offer on your phone, remember to check out India Slots first. This trustworthy site is the best place to go for game reviews and information on the best sites to game at.

Even more impressive are the advanced design, graphics and sound of modern games you can play on a mobile device. Anyone who has played Battlegrounds Mobile India will know what we mean! This is all despite most smartphones now being small in size.

How do such small gadgets run such advanced games though?

Tech inside smartphones is key

The biggest reason why smartphones (such as Google’s Pixel 2) can handle such advanced games is the tech inside them. While they are small in size, these highly advanced parts are what gives smartphones their power.

To begin with, the central processing chipset is very important and is what makes the smartphone function. The A15 Bionic chipset in Apple’s iPhone 13 is a good example of this part, and a phone’s chipset/CPU is crucial to how much power it has to call on. For gaming, the GPU inside a phone is also crucial because this is the chip that controls how good games will look on-screen. In the same vein, the display tech inside modern smartphones is key.

Many phones, for example, now use components such as super retina or LED-based OLED displays to give sharper visuals. Perhaps the last major piece of tech that gives smartphones the ability to handle advanced games is the amount of RAM they contain. This gives the device plenty of storage, which more advanced games need to operate.  

Small in size but ready to punch above their weight

As well as what is actually inside these mini tech marvels, you also have to factor in the development of mobile networks and how this has enabled smartphones to provide a better playing experience. Advances such as 5G mean that modern phones have the infrastructure to handle sophisticated games and provide the best experience to mobile gamers.

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