Facebook users blamed their WiFi for the outage but later apologized with Meme Fest.

Facebook outage memes

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went down on Tuesday Worldwide when Facebook’s services’ websites and apps were responding with server errors. The outage has enraged Facebook users, who have turned it into a Facebook Outage Meme Fest.

Some users took to Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms to express their disappointment with the #Internetshutdown. Meanwhile, others blamed and raged at their WiFi for the Facebook failure but were gracious enough to apologize and turned it into a Meme Fest.

Here’s some Meme Fest made upon #Internetshutdown

We also find some hilarious meme dedicated to #internetshutdown on other Social networking sites.

Facebook outage Meme

Literally everyone

Facebook outage Meme Fest  Wifi

Everyone ignore that Messenger was also down. Poor! Messenger!

Facebook outage Meme Fest

Who’s the real Boss?

twitter real boss

It’s not the first time Facebook has gone down; in 2008, a bug took the site down for a whole day, affecting over 80 million users. Now the Facebook platform has reached over 3 billion users, thus the 7-hour downtime affected us all.

The event was caused by a change in server setup, according to Facebook. He added that the changes caused “issues” that interrupted the flow of traffic between routers in Facebook’s data centers around the world.

“This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt,” Janardhan said.

“Sorry for the disruption today – I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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