Firefox lost 44 million users in 2 years: Chrome and Edge gained more users.

Firefox lost users

Firefox average daily usage is on rise

After the removal of Microsoft’s IE browse, third-party browsers gained more popularity, but cannot say the same for Firefox. As the company lost more than 44.4 million users, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have clearly taken away most of the users.

According to data released by Firefox, it had 244 million monthly users in January 2019, achieved the peak of 253 million, and has since declined, with only 200 million monthly users left. It means Firefox lost more than 44 million users.

Firefox Monthly active users
Source: Firefox Public Data Report

The number of users not only means their influence but also determines their income. Firefox’s operating foundation’s primary income is the browser’s default search engine share, the less number of users means a direct reduction in funds, the subsequent development and maintenance are obviously to be affected.

Firefox lost more than 44 million users. It also means Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge browser apparently gained more users, both backed by Internet giants, have obvious ecological advantages, better support, and attract more users.

According to Statistic, Chrome’s share was 68.76, the edge was 8.1 percent, Safari had 9.7 percent, FF now has 7.17 percent, and it’s used to have twice the user 18 years ago.

The only good news for Firefox is that loyalty is increasing among the fewer and fewer users, with the average usage time per user increasing from 4.8 hours to 5.25 hours.


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