Man found his lost mobile phone embedded in a cement road three years later

Man Found phone after three years

A few days ago, a man discovered his mobile phone embedded in a cement road lost three years ago in Heibi City. He took the pictures and uploaded them to the Internet, which grabbed netizens’ attention.

According to reports, Mr. Tian from Chinese Village, in Hebei Province, lost his mobile phone three years ago while building a road.

One day, when he was out for a walk with his family, he accidentally discovered that the mobile phone he lost three years ago was embedded inside the road. Mr. Tian said that he accidentally lost his mobile phone when he was building the same road.

It is said that the entire section of the road has a history of more than 20 years. In the summer of 2018, due to the following village road’s renovation, he undertook the renovation project of the road. During the renovation process, his mobile phone was accidentally lost. Therefore, it must have dropped and embedded underneath the road. As time passed the mobile phone started to appear.

a man discovered his mobile phone embedded in a cement road lost three years ago

“I thought I lost it when I couldn’t find it and didn’t look for it much.” Mr. Tian said that he had used it for more than a year, and he bought a new mobile phone immediately after it was lost.

“When I was working, I must have accidentally dropped this phone, and then I couldn’t find it. When my family went out for a walk, I just saw it. When I looked closely, I was surprised that it was my phone. It felt like a miracle, so I quickly took a photo of it.”

Mr. Tian said that he would carefully take out the mobile phone in a few days to see if the mobile phone can be used again and use cement to fill up the road.


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