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How to Pre-Register PUBG Mobile New State with TapTap

PUBG New State Game

PUBG New State Battle Royale game set in the future 2051.

PUBG Mobile New State is the latest game announced by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe. The New PUBG Game is a modern version of the famous Battle Royale game set in 2051. The gaming graphics, story, and Gameplay look more realistic and advance compared to the recent PUBGM.

The real reason behind these significant changes is that the original creator of PUBG Game inc, who has developed the game for PC and consoles, is designing this new mobile game.

PUBG: New State pre-registration is now live on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the game is not available for India, Vietnam, and China. In India, this is due to the restriction put by Information technology. However, We know that How you can Pre-register for this game in India. 

How to pre-register PUBG Mobile New State using Tap Tap

PUBG New State taptap

1. Download the Tap Tap app from here.

2. Install the Tap Tap app

3. Login into the app using your account.

4. Search for PUBG New State on the Tap Tap or Click on this link

5. Now tap on the pre-register option.

6. You will get the notification once the game is available so that you can download it.

How to pre-register PUBG Mobile New State in iOS Devices

The Pre-orders on iOS will be available at a later date. However, you can pre-Register for iOS devices with Tap Tap.

  1. Go to Tap Tap and log in using your account
  2. Search for PUBG: New State in the search bar and click on the first result.
  3. Tap on the Pre-register, and you will get the option to install the game when it’s available.

Those who pre-register will receive an in-game permanent car skin.

What is New in PUBG Mobile New State Game?

PUBG New State Game features

New Battle Maps: The upcoming Game will sport completely new maps with City to Deserts. 

Drones: As per the new Teaser, the PUBG Mobile New State version will give you the option to use drones. 

Futuristic Car and weapons: The new version is expected to have futuristic gadgets and weapons in stores, considering it is based in 2051. Along with the guns, you get Futuristic Car will some of them comes with loaded firearms and weapons. 

PUBG New State is a Cross-platform Game: As per info, the game will be cross-platform compatible. It means that a Mobile Gamer, whether in Android or iOS, can play against a PlayStation/Xbox or a PC player.

Will the PUBG New State launch in India?

No, Nothing has been changed in India after the PUBG Mobile India Ban by India’s Government due to privacy concerns. Previous attempts of launching a dedicated PUBG Mobile India game for the Indian audience have been failed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, being firm on its decision to ban any mobile game even closely related to PUBG.

Yes, there’s still hope of launching this Game in India. As there is no involvement of any major Chinese entities in this new game. If the Title name changed from PUBG to anything else, I see no problem launching this game because the Government has no problem with the Gameplay. 

If you find any problem with PUBG New state’s pre-registration, you can tell us in the comment section. 

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