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[101% Win] How to Win Google Home Mini For Just Rs 499

Google Home Mini Voucher

Win Google Home Mini Voucher with this Trick

Google has come up with an exciting way to promote Google Home Mini. Google gives you a chance to win a Google Home Mini voucher by playing a Game on Google Assistant on Your Smartphone. We will explain to you how to win Google home mini game Voucher in this article. 

Google is giving you a Free Voucher worth Rs 499 to buy Google Home Mini at an 85% Discount. This Scheme is valid for only the first 1500 winners daily. 

After winning, the Voucher You can buy Google Home Mini at Just Rs 499 only from Flipkart.

How to Play the Google Home Mini Game?

Playing the Google Home Mini Game is relatively easy. You can Play the Game By Saying “Open Google Home Mini Game” on Google Assistant on Your Smartphone. Then, You need to answer Few Questions, and If you win, You can Get a Google Home Mini For Just Rs 499.

The Google Home mini Game Task are as follow:- 

1: Check the Weather Tomorrow

2: Set an Alarm

3: Take a Selfie

4: Play a Video on Youtube

You can Complete all the given task in Google Voice Assistance by Saying – OK GOOGLE – Check the Weather Tomorrow, followed by others Task.

[101% Win] Trick to Claim Google Home Mini-Game Voucher

Win Google Home Mini

NOTE: Don’t Complete All the Daily Tasks at once. 

1: First, Check If you have Google Assistant Enabled on Your Smartphone. If not, then download it from here. 

2: Now Press Home Button for Long in your Smartphone to Open Voice Search for Google Home Mini-Game. 

3: Then, Complete Three Tasks, and Once Completed, Sit Back! and Relax!

4: Now at 11:58:00 PM, complete the Last Remaining task by Voice Command but Do not check back or open the Voice Assistance. 

5: It is better if you have an extra pair of smartphones to see the Clock with Seconds and open this webpage Indian Clock on that phone.

6: Do write down “Open Google Home Mini Game” with the Keyboard option beside the mic in Voice Assistance. As opening with Voice will take lots of time. 

7: Then, Simply at 11:59:57, Hit enter button. [Continue Reading Note: 2……..]  

8: Congratulation on your win. 

Note 2: Do check the speed before; How Much time does your internet connection take to Open the given command in Google Voice Assistance. 

For Ex – If it takes 4 seconds to open up the Google Home Mini game webpage with the entire task from the time you hit Enter. Then Do the Math 12:00:00 – 0.00.04 sec, which means you have to hit Enter button exact 11:59:56 PM to Win the Voucher. 

How to Redeem Voucher on Flipkart

Google Home Mini Flipkart Voucher
PROOF: Won this Voucher on 12/02/2021 at sharp 12:00:01 AM

If you win, you’ll be given a Flipkart voucher along with a Redeem option. 

1: Click Redeem to validate your Voucher. 

2: When you validate your Voucher, you agree to pay ₹499/- to get your Google Home Mini. 

3: The Voucher needs to be redeemed before the coupon expiry date.

If you don’t win, don’t worry. Try again at Sharp 12AM and follow these methods to win it. 

This Contest is Valid Till 25 February 2021, a day Maximum of 1500 Members Able to Claim the Voucher to win Google Home Mini. Share this Article with your friends and Family so that you get more chances to Win.  

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