Taiwanese Man Force to sell his PS5 after Wife figures out it’s not an Air Filter

PS5 as Air Purifier

A Man Tries to trick his Wife to believe PS5 as an Air Purifier

There is no doubt that Playstation 5 is the best-selling gaming console ever. The PS 5 is immensely popular that even an Amazon delivery agent stealing PS5 that the Customer’s ordered, that’s crazy.

The PS5’s sales were met with overwhelming success, with fans everywhere the planet attempting to urge their hands on it, due to the limited stock at launch.

An interesting story surfaced on social media after an individual from Taiwan shared his experience with a PS5 reseller in a Facebook post, which has since gone viral. 

According to Jin Wu, he went on purchasing a PS5 console at a very reasonable price from a reseller on Friday, Nov. 20, and was meeting up with them in person.

Wu decided to give the reseller a call as he had arrived at the meet-up location earlier than was planned, he heard a female voice on the receiving end, and commented that the person did not really sound like someone who regularly played games.

“When the seller arrived, it turned out to be a middle-aged man. You could tell that he definitely played video games, just with a single look,” Wu wrote.

Curious to find out about the deal, Wu asked the man where he had purchased the PS5, to which the man replied, “PCHome” (which is an e-commerce website).

“Then you’re very good at finding good bargains. Did you order two? Otherwise, why would you sell it?” Wu asked the man. After a moment’s silence, the man replied: “My wife wants to me to sell it.”

“I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain,” Wu wrote.

Finally, the seller said “It seems like women can still tell the difference between a PS5 console and an air purifier.”

Many Facebook users were quick to compare that Wu’s encounter was reminiscent of a viral South Korean cartoon by YouTuber JangBijju.

The cartoon picture a person who tried to fool his wife in so many ways into believing that the PlayStation console was a router named “Plash Speed”. It’s quite Hilarious.

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