The 98-inch Redmi TV Max is so gigantic that Xiaomi had to call Crane for the Installation

Redmi TV MAX installation

Xiaomi had to call Crane for the Installation of Redmi TV MAX

Recently, Xiaomi has unveiled one of the biggest Redmi Smart TV MAX ever with a humongous 98” inch screen in China. The Redmi TV Max is the largest Xiaomi television ever produce with a more than 2 meters wide dimension and does make it complicated to install it.

Along with dimensions, its weight is also extraordinary. The Redmi TV Max has a total weight of 70.1Kg, combined with a size of 1,255 × 2,190mm excluding its legs.

Redmi TV Max

The Redmi Smart TV MAX is so huge that Xiaomi had to call an Oversized Crane in China, Unbelievable! So with every Redmi Smart TV sold Xiaomi requires a staff made up of at least 3 technicians and also a large size crane for its installation process.

As you can see in the images, the size of the Redmi TV Max makes its installation highly complicated as well as transportation. Its length and width make it impossible to access the regular corridor of your house.

Redmi TV Max crane

Well to make it easy, Xiaomi offers a crane service in China so that the Redmi TV Max can enter your home through the window or a roof, as seen in this particular case. It gives an Idea How gigantic Redmi Smart Max television is?

Redmi Smart TV Max Installation

As per the specification, The Redmi TV is a 4K smart TV powered by an Amlogic T972 chipset (4x Cortex-A55, Mali-G31MP2), which is hooked up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage (eMMC). It runs on Patchwall OS based on Android TV. The sound system is consisting of four speakers with large cavities plus Dolby and DTS decoding.

As per the pricing the Redmi MAX 98-inch price at RMB 19,999 (approx Rs 2,15,200). It will take a maximum of 30 days to ship. I don’t think so with this humongous size and complicated Installation Xiaomi will ever launch Redmi TV MAX outside China.

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