Sonoff B1 WiFi Smart Bulb Review; Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Sonoff B1

The ITEAD Studio is a renowned name in the Smart Home Products frequently called as Sonoff which manufactures devices like WiFi switches, smart sockets, RF to WiFi bridges and so on and today we gonna review New Sonoff B1 Smart Bulb.

As the company says that this is the newest Sonoff B1 Bulb, the changes I see that the Box got slimmer than before design is bit same so does the eWeLink app.

Sonoff B1

It’s quite a Beautiful Solid designed Smart bulb, what’s makes it different from other is that you can hack into it and run a Custom firmware according to your taste and preference officially which no other Smart bulb can do. It Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home too.


Sonoff B1

In India, there are no spiral sockets so you need a connector like this,  As per the Box Specs it’s a 6W rated Bulb which consumes 0.5W power on Standby and has a color temperature of 2800K-6500K

The white lights are quite brighter, can gloom a small Room but not much bright enough to light up a big room or Hall. RGB lights are not bright at all. You can control the white light with warm to cold, and brightness settings all along with App.

Sometimes the color selected on the phone does not quite match the color set in the app for Ex: You get a variation of pink when you select a red light. Other than this I have no complaints whatsoever with the Sonoff B1 Bulb

eWeLink App

Sonoff B1

Well to pair up the bulb with the App you had to turn it on and off 3 times until it started ‘breathing’, that’s when the bulb switches to pairing mode. The pairing is not so difficult until you know the right procedure.  Once pairing was done, I was asked to name the bulb and then could control it.

The Control was Minimal and easy to Understand. You can also schedule the lights timing to turn off to lets you sleep and turn on to wake you up with the app.

The thing which I like most about it that you can switch to your favorite lightning scene immediately from Reading, Resting to Party which is just a click away. Check out Its Whole Review here



Sonoff B1

The Ewe Link app is pretty good but I feel like it can be better than this and need to change a bit to make the users experience much better as we talk about its competitors like Yeelight which have a premium quality like an app and more appealing to users. Also, the app is quite slow.

Well other than I have no complained about Sonoff Smart Bulb. For an $18 price tag. I do recommend you to buy it for your Home, actually its quite bright enough to lighting not only your Home but also your Mood too and comes with amazing features for the price. You can buy Sonoff B1 from here

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