Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S leaked Hands On Video is fake

Mi Mix 2s

No doubt that Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is the most anticipating smartphone of this year more than the Mi 7 that because it’s the perfect bezel-less smartphone without any bothering notch till now, Apple are you listening but this doesn’t stop the on-going leaks or Hands-on Video which are probably fake.

Recently, A hands-on video tipped which shows the device in real life with the front design on display. The video is a short 10 seconds clip showing only half part of New Mi Mix 2s and it also tends to show iPhone X-style gestures to jump upon to your favorite app but all this is a big lie and fake.

If you watch the Video closely you can easily find out that the person holding the Mi Mix 2 instead of New Mi Mix 2s and that too Upside down to make everyone believe its new Mi Mix 2s and that’s the reason you are seeing just the half-part of this Smartphone because when Mi Mix 2 is upside down the top is filled with big bezels and camera.

How do we get to this result? Well, the user is pressing the lock button at the left corner of the phone instead of a right corner and that too bottom left while no other phone has this feature till now. Try yourself hold your phone upside down and then press the power button.

Shashank Sharma
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