Xiaomi Mi Metal Bluetooth Speaker Review; the Amazing Rockstar in action

Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker
 Xiaomi is the most popular and developing brand worldwide due to its constant growth in a difficult situation over the years. Xiaomi gets stiff competition from Apple and Huawei in mainland China, but still, they are top of them. Xiaomi is popular for its smartphones and its range of other high-quality accessories for every age. We are glad to Review one of the best Mi Accessories from mainland China, the all-new Xiaomi Metal Bluetooth Speaker.Xiaomi not only sells these high-quality accessories in China but also in the US, India, and Europe from Mi Store. But sadly, in a very limited range of products, the New Metal Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker is probably missing from that list. Don’t worry, we are here to introduce you and review all the new Xiaomi Bluetooth speakers.

Thanks to Gearbest for providing us with the New Mi Metal Bluetooth speaker Review unit. Xiaomi gadget desk has pretty awesome high-quality gadgets which we have seen in the past, like – In-ear headphones, Mi headphones, Mi power bank, and much more. The newly added Mi Metal Bluetooth speaker adds more stars to the Mi gadgets lineup.

Mi Metal Bluetooth Speaker: Packaging 

Mi Metal Speaker Review
The Mi Bluetooth Speaker comes in a sleek white box wrapped in a thin layer of plastic. The package is pretty neat, and all-white will surely grab your eyeball. The box contains just a Chinese manual and the speaker neatly packed in its protective pouch. You won’t find anything like a micro USB cable or AUX cable for non-Bluetooth devices inside the box as it’s all missing. The package contains only the speaker and the Chinese manual.

Mi Metal Bluetooth Speaker: Design 

Mi Metal Speaker Review

When it comes to the design, The Sleek and Shiny Metal body will surely strike your eyes for once. It’s a small Bluetooth speaker size of a Small pencil box that weighs about 0.209 kg and Size (L x W x H): 16.8 x 2.45 x 5.8 cm / 6.60 x 0.96 x 2.28 inches.

It has a fine Quality of Metal used in the body, and on the right side of the speaker, you’ll find all mainstream buttons from power on to changing tracks to Volume Rockers and a Bluetooth toggle Mode button. On the left side, you get a 3.5mm Aux-in port, Micro USB, TF Card Slot, Microphone for Hands-free call, and at the bottom, you’ll find the two anti-skid rubber stoppers, which are important for the speaker to grip its position. At the same time, the white portion of both sides does attract dust from your fingers.

Mi Metal Bluetooth Speaker: Sound Quality 

Mi Metal Speaker Review2

The sound quality of the Mi Bluetooth speaker will make you dance on your feet whether on Pop or Rock beats it hardly matters. The good quality of the Xiaomi speaker is at par with freaking loud and clear the sound is deep and rich; being equipped with Avnera AV3102 chip, the tone is exquisite and balanced & stereo loudness will go up to 90 dB. It’s come with 3Wx2 (40hm, THD. The good thing about the Mi Bluetooth speaker is that the Music playback is true stereo, with the left and right channels playing back independently.

This means you’ll hear music like intended, rather than the speaker downmixing it to mono or only playing around a single channel, unlike many Bluetooth speakers on the market. I did notice slight distortion at maximum volume when listening to Rock music.

Mi Metal Bluetooth Speaker: Other features 

Mi Metal speaker review3

It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 suitable for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus / iPad Pro / Samsung Galaxy S6 /mobile phone / tablet / TV / laptop etc. If we talk about Bluetooth connectivity strength, that has impressed me greatly. It doesn’t get interrupted or lose its connectivity when you move aside or between your mobile device or speaker. I have tested it on several other Bluetooth speakers. They have failed at this point, including “Portronics Sublime,” which is among India’s most popular & best-selling Bluetooth speakers (Review coming soon).

The Mi Bluetooth speaker does share a solid connection with your Bluetooth Device whether it’s from the 1st floor to the Ground floor or 3rd Floor to Ground Floor. It just remains connected without any sort of Disturbance.

If we talk about its battery performance, it comes with 1500mAh battery juice that gives around 8 hour’s music playback to meet the demand of your favorite music tracks. The Charging time is approximately 2 hours, but if you want fast charging, you can charge it by power bank just like I do. It makes Mi speaker charge in 40mins only! The LED ring around the power button flashes red when it’s about to discharge and flashes white when fully charged.


Mi Metal Speaker review4
All I can say is that this tiny little new Mi Bluetooth speaker is monstrous when it comes to sound Management. The Mi Bluetooth speaker is suitable for your living room, even your Hall, and if you want to take it for outdoor use, seriously, don’t because it’s not loud enough. The Bluetooth frequency is one of the strongest that I have ever seen on a Bluetooth speaker, no matter where you go, it remains connected.

The Mi Bluetooth speaker’s Metal body adds another charm to its design, and it also ensures that it remains protected from dirt or water. If we talked about its con, then the absence of NFC can be a let-down knowing that Mi 5 is coming with that feature and another one is the absence of English voice assist as it only speaks or assists you in Chinese only.

Mi Metal Speaker Review5

It is also just a powerhouse speaker that you want to add to your backpack. It is the best & unmatchable Bluetooth speaker you can buy for under $100. You don’t have to shed extensive money to buy a Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker, as you can buy it for just Rs 2,499 only from the store link below. Don’t forget to drop your queries & your thought in the comment section.

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